Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Year, Same Ole Me

I decided that I need to post something on my blog. I'm knocking around a idea for a story. This is really going to be the year that I manage to put more than two chapters of a story out. I'm tired of only being able to do that. I'm going to find my muse and put it to good use. I got new characters and new plots swilling in my head. It's only fitting that I write their story. I have also decided that this is the year that I'm going to design some for myself in knitting. I'm going to need to make some time for all of this so I'm cutting back my swaps. So far I'm only involved in one and I may add just one more but I have got to keep them down to a minimum. I can't knit for myself for all of these swaps that I keep committing myself to. I'm just going to be a little selfish this first part of the year. I also reached out to my ex. I know what you're thinking going back is never a good idea but when all you think about is this person and all he thinks about is you maybe just maybe this time will be the one that works.