Friday, October 31, 2008


1. What security question does Mr. Weasley ask Mrs. Weasley before he enters the Burrow? What is the answer? what do you like me to call you when we're alone together? mollywobbles
2. What two names does Mrs. Cole call Dumbledore when she takes him to see Tom Riddle at the orphanage? Mr. Dumberton, and Dunderbore
3. What is the name of Ginny's Pygmy Puff? Arnold
4. What three D's are needed for apparating? Destination, Determination, Deliberation
5. What spell did Harry perform when he was attacked by Dementors? Experemus Patronus
6. Who did an arrow salute at Dumbledore's funeral? The centaurs
7. What did Dumbledore set on fire to prove to Tom Riddle that he was a wizard? A wardrobe
8. What Christmas present did Kreacher give Harry? a package filled with maggots
9. What is on top of the Weasley's Christmas tree? A garden gnome
10. What is the most popular item at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes? Shield hats
11. Why did Harry threaten to kick Ron off the Griffindor Quidditch team? He's so nervous that he can't stay on the broom and is horrible at it.
12. What happens if you break and Unbreakable Vow? You die!
13. Who did Hermoine go to Slughorn's party with? Cormac McLaggen
14. Who is Mrs. Weasley's favorite singer? Celestina Warbeck
15. Who are the only two people who know the full contents of the prophecy made about Harry and Lord Voldemort? Harry and Dumbledore

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday I sent my owl Misty out to deliver my package to my secret swap partner. I forgot to take a picture of it but hopefully she'll love it. I keep checking the horizon for an owl winging its way to me but I figure that it will arrive closer to the end of the week. Well I'm off to herbology class. I don't want to keep the professor waiting. ;o)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Ravenclaws!

I can't believe that we snatched the snitch! Way to go Agatha! I tried to figure out the clues I only got the one. I feels good to be a part of a great team. To celebrate we all had some butterbeer and buttery rum cake, not necessarily in that order. Trick or treat time is coming upon us and I'm trying to decide what I should dress as. Last year I was a sexy witch complete with the matching hat. Well I'm off to my History of Magic class!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Quidditch Round Two

1. What animal does the portrait in the Muggle Prime Minster’s office resemble?
a. Rat
b. Frog
c. Cat
d. Lion
2. What drink does Romilda Vane try to give Harry?
a. Gillywater
b. Butterbeer
c. Pumpkin Juice
d. Elf-Made Wine
3. What is the name of the person who heads the Holyhead Harpies?
a. Gwenog Smith
b. Gwenog Jones
c. Glen Jones
d. Glen Smith
4. How many ‘Exceeds Expectation’ grades does Harry receive in his O.W.L’s?
a. 6
b. 3
c. 5
d. 4
5. What is Professor Sughorn’s favorite candy?
a. Cockroach Clusters
b. Sherbet Lemon
c. Acid Pops
d. Crystallized Pineapple
6. What tattoo is Harry reported to have on his chest?
a. Mermaid
b. Blast Ended Skrewt
c. Hippogriff
d. Unicorn
7. What color robes do the staff at the Weasley’s shop wear?
a. Buttercup
b. Magenta
c. Royal Blue
d. Aqua
8. What is the man outside Flourish and Blotts selling?
a. Amulets
b. Cloaks
c. Wands
d. Hats
9. How much is the skull, which Hermione enquires about at Borgin and Burkes, worth?
a. 9 Galleons
b. 18 Galleons
c. 16 Galleons
d. 12 Galleons
10. What are Professor Slughorn’s initials?
a. H.F.G.
b. H.E.F.
c. H.A.L.
d. H.K.D.

Harry Potter

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well I've been doing really good with my potions homework. Snape has not been able to harass and embarrass me here lately. Hermoine is fully recovered from her freak owl attack although she is still a little jumpy whenever the owls come in the Great Hall to deliver the mail. Can't say I blame her though. I've just heard that my owl from Ophelia is on its way to me. I not even done wit her hat though, the bobbles are slowing me down just a little, hopefully I'll have it done by Monday but I still can't mail it. The muggle Post Office is closed on Monday for a holiday.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


I'm a first year so I'm not allowed to go. Shh! don't tell anyone but I put on my invisibility shawl and headed out anyway. My roomies had already gone ahead but I followed them at a discreet distance. I went everywhere they went enjoying myself immensely. Things got a little hairy for me when they went to The Three Broomsticks. I was almost sat on by Ophelia Crookshank who came over to tell Hermoine that she was glad that she was feeling well enough to leave St Mungos after her accident. It was at that point that I decided to go back to the dorm before I got caught. Well I'm off the to common room for some butterbeer and knitting.


Thursday, October 02, 2008


1. What potion has the strange side effects of excessive singing and nose-tweaking? Elixir to induce Euphoria
2. What ingredient can be used to counteract the effect of the above side effects? Pepperment
3. How much can you get for Acromantula venom? 100 Galleons a pint
4. What is the most powerful love potion in the world? Amortentia
5. What antidote does Harry use to help Ron when he is poisoned by Madam Rosmerta's finest mead? A bezoar
6. How does Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' owl Order Service get their potions past the security at Hogwarts to their customers? They had hide them as perfume bottles and such
7. What did Draco malfoy make in Potions class when Professor Slughorn assigned them to make something amusing? Hiccuping Potion
8. What spells will not work in an area affected by Instant Darkness Powder? No light spells: like Lumos and Incendio
9. What are the ingredients for the Draught of Living Death? Velarian roots, asphodel, wormwood, and sopopherous bean
10. How much will unicorn tail hair fetch? 10 Galleans a hair

1. Do you prefer to knit or crochet? knit
2. What is your favorite weight yarn to knit/crochet with? lace weight
3 What fiber contents do you most like to knit/crocher with? What fiber contents do you dislike knitting/crocheting with? Love Wool and alpaca. Hate acrylic!
4. How many complete pair of socks have you knit/crochet? One pair and I lost one of the socks
5. What is your favorite item to knit/crochet? Sweaters lately
6. What is your favorite treat? World Class Chocolate from Baskin Robbins
7. Do your drink coffee, tea, or both? Tea
8. Do you have an online wish list? If so, where? I wish, but no
9. How many Ravelry groups are you in? Thirty-two
10 Is there any special item you have been really wanting, but can't find in your local area? Dream In Color Sock Yarn