Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Knit from your stash.

I have decided to join in on this great ideal. My stash is growing by leaps and bounds so I really need to knit some the projects that I bought it for.
My Rules:
1. All projects must use the yarn in my stash.
2. I can not buy any yarn except for on my birthday in March(if I get a gift certificate or something).
3. I can still buy books and magazines, never know when a stash busting project might catch my eye.
4. I will be free on September 16th from all yarn buying restrictions and will post my pictures of my finished projects.
5. Rule number 3 does not include the shawl and sock yarn clubs that I currently belong to, I just can't join another. It also does not include the yarn that will be purchased for my commissioned projects for other people.

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