Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I'm headed down to Diagon Alley to pick up my school supplies. I got to get my books, a wand, some robes both dress and regular, a broom, and my cauldron. I've always wanted a cauldron being a chemist in the muggle world. I'm so excited about being in this swap I keep looking at all the Harry Potter themed sock yarn and wondering what my partner might like. I can't wait to see what else goes on in the swap. It feels like it's going to be like a treasure hut.

Arriana Stylos

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Slightly Sinister Scribe said...

Hello, Arriana!

I love Diagon Alley. Father took me there to get my school supplies, too. Getting Potions ingredients was the most fun... aside from my wand!


P.S. I'm a chemistry student in the muggle world. =)