Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whew! Boy what a wild ride. I just landed from having quidditch practice and after a few tumbles somehow I was able to hold onto the broom. I'm headed to the doom now to study my potions homework. Snape already humiliated me in class today for being ill prepared to say the least. My roomies tried their best to help me but sometimes I'm just a little hard headed.
I just finished my first duel club hat and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my hat reaches my target before I receive his. One can hope! Well muggle life calls!


Hermione Bagnold said...

Yeah, but Snape gets to even the best of us. If you're on his "list," he'll find SOME way to get you. He must feel intimidated by your potions brilliance. ;) Doesn't want to lose his position as the HBP... ;) Good job on finishing and sending out your hat!

Chrysta the Cursed said...

Yeah, what hermione said! I wasn't happy with my logwood potion. blaming the poor house elf wasmn't an option. It would sound just like "the dog ate my homework"