Friday, March 06, 2009

New Homework

The shadows lengthened as the lonely witch waited in the graveyard to make her connection. Where was he? He couldn't have forgotten about her, could he? The shiver of cold slithered down her back and her heart jumped to her throat as she spotted someone in the distance. Was that him? She had never met him before, but hoped it was her contact. If she were to be caught by Ministry officials with this in her possession, it could mean real trouble for her whole family! Impatient and fearful, the stranger approached too fast, but too slow all at once. "How did I get myself into this?" she muttered under her breath. The faces flitted though her mind of those that coerced her into submission. Assuring her that this was the only way for all of them to be safe.
"Do you have it?" asked the stranger in a gravelly voice that didn't match his youthful face. Nodding she reached into the inner pocket of her cloak, extracted a small black velvet pouch and dropped it into his out stretched hand. As soon as the bag touch his hand magically cuffs appeared on her wrists. "Miss Stylos you are under arrest and will be sent to Azkaban to await trial." Stay turned more to come.