Friday, March 13, 2009

News Around HSKS7
- a brief highlight of what your classmates are up to.

Sian a bright first year in Hufflepuff has thrown herself into her homework with such relish that all of her teachers love her. Many are confused why the young lady seems to have been targeted by dementors so lately. The ministry is investigating the matter as we speak.

Prendolyn of Griffindor was called out of town to attend a state Quiddich championship with her family. Her team came close to winning but lost when the seeker of the other team caught the snitch with his mouth. It was an exciting match to say the least.

Emma of Slytherin has been busying teaching the youngest member of her family how to knit the muggle way due to underage wizard restrictions. She finds it very relaxing to do it that way also, but don't tell her that I told you.

From HSKS7 News
Arriana Stylos


Bevin Rae Mooney said...

Oooh, excellent reporting! It's so fun to hear what the other houses are up to!

Bevin Rae Mooney said...

Psst, can you post Quidditch please? Due tomorrow early a.m. before snitch release. Thank you!