Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why did I learn how to knit?

Even though it was only about nine years ago it seems like forever. Back then I was an avid crocheter and every pattern that I would see and really want to make was knitted and I found myself disappointed every time. So I decided to teach myself to knit with a book. That didn't work out and just when I was about to give up I came across the magazine Easy Knitting with a soap opera actress on the front who said that her favorite knitting shop was in my city. Armed with that magazine I went to that shop and the owner Brenda taught me to knit. I soon gave up crocheting and have been an avid knitter every since. I'm not knocking crochet. I just was not a very good one.

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Amy said...

Chon -

Amy here - your Warm Ewe Up swap mistress.

Your spoiler has been trying to contact you, but she has heard nothing back from you.

Can you please PM me on Ravelry about this.